Release notes: Launching the New Homepage

29th Mar 2022
Launching the New Homepage
Release notes highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

What's new

essentialsIntroducing the new homepage

We’ve redesigned the homepage so that you can easily monitor deal progress and track recent developments in the market. 

Using the new homepage you can view a synopsis of your pipelines and market intelligence over the last three months. You can also easily navigate to other parts of the site.

Introducing the new homepage

essentialsUnderstand your pipelines

Staying on top of all of your deals can be difficult. Our new homepage includes a summary of each of your pipelines, so that you can easily track your deals. 

The summary includes a list of your latest deals, as well as a graph depicting your deal pipeline. Your deals are divided by funding type, so you can clearly see the types of deals at each stage of the pipeline.

Understand your pipelines

essentialsEasily navigate to your pipelines

Once you’ve viewed the pipeline summary, you can easily navigate to your pipeline to see a more detailed view of your deals or to edit your pipeline.

Easily navigate to your pipelines

SourceAdd notes and tasks to a deal

After selecting a deal, you can add notes and tasks for your other team members to view. This simplifies communication with the rest of your team and helps to remind you of any outstanding tasks on a deal.

Add notes and tasks to a deal

TrackSee an overview of market intelligence

For Track users, the new homepage also includes a chart monitoring market intelligence over the last three months. It includes the top lenders across this period and how many loans they’ve granted in each month. 

Now the homepage makes it easier for you to see an overview of recent market developments before deciding whether to conduct a further investigation into the market.

See an overview of market intelligence

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