Release notes: Launching Pipelines

10th Jan 2022
Launching Pipelines
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What's new

essentialsIntroducing Deal Pipelines

We’re making deal management even simpler by introducing deal pipelines into our platform. You can now create custom pipelines to manage your deal flow. View all of your deals in one place, see which stage each deal is in and mark when a deal has been completed.

Introducing Deal Pipelines

essentialsCreate your custom pipeline

Create a new pipeline by specifying the stages required to complete the transaction, such as ‘identified’, ‘indicative terms’, ‘heads of terms’, ‘formal offer’, ‘legals’ and ‘completion’. You customize the stages to fit your process, so that your pipelines are specifically tailored to your process.

Create your custom pipeline

essentialsQuick add deal

Quick add deal allows you to add a deal by only including basic deal info. Use this feature when you want to add a deal to your pipeline but have limited deal info. Add additional details when you are ready to source lenders later.

Quick add deal

essentialsUpdate deal stage

When your deal progresses, you can easily move your deal along your pipeline. Simply drag a deal to a new stage when you are ready. The easy-to-use drag and drop feature helps you to stay on top of each and every deal.

Update deal stage

essentialsMonitor multiple pipelines at once

You can create multiple pipelines for different deal types. For example, you can have one pipeline focused on equity deals and a different pipeline for debt deals. You can also make separate pipelines for different funding types, including development loans, investment loans, bridging loans, buy-to-let loans or commercial mortgages.

Monitor multiple pipelines at once

essentialsSwitch to deal list view

Easily navigate between your pipelines and your deal list. When you’re finished viewing your pipelines, you can switch to your deal list to view your deals sorted by term length, amount, LTV or update time. By utilising both features, you will always be up to date on deal developments.

Switch to deal list view

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