Release notes: UI updates, track by asset & value

21st Nov 2020
UI updates, track by asset & value
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What's new

SourceWe’re making it simpler to create deals

We’ve been working on a simpler way to create deals on Native Finance Source. Now there’s no need to switch between multiple screens, or edit individual sections. Instead, you can see all the information you need for your deals in one place.

Add deal

TrackYou can now search for real estate borrowers

Want to understand a particular borrower’s activity and existing lender relationships? You can now search for real estate borrowers as well as lenders, and see which lenders have been lending to them and where. Available now in Native Finance Track.

Borrowing intel

TrackIntroducing Integrated Corporate Structure: company information at your fingertips

As well as tracking the real estate debt market in real time, you can now see the corporate structure for individual property companies with Native Finance Track.

Rather than searching through professional networks to get information, get information on how corporate entities are linked in an instant. Simply click on a node to find out more.

Corporate structure

TrackSubsidiary Lending Activity: easily filter by subsidiaries

When researching lenders on Native Finance Track, you can now easily filter lending activity by subsidiaries if you want to see lending activity for a specific entity. 

Rather than searching through irrelevant data, you can cut through the noise and focus on just the information you need.

Active loans

TrackWe’ve added more market intelligence features

We’ve built a new feature on Native Finance Track so you can filter loans by:

  • Lender type - for instance, if you want to filter activity for a specific lender segment, such as clearing banks
  • Asset value - perfect if interested in loans against low value assets (below £5m) or high value assets (above £50m)
Asset value market intel

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