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Quick guide to using Native Finance

Our platform enables you to apply for loan facilities to build, buy, or refinance real estate via our real estate finance experts.

We are continually collecting data from real estate lenders to streamline the process of raising finance for borrowers. These lenders include UK clearing banks, challenger banks, insurance lenders, debt funds and specialist real estate lenders. We use this data to identify which lenders might have interest in financing your loan and to estimate loan pricing.

How it works

1. Add a deal to see # of matched lenders and estimate debt pricing range. No lenders can view your deal at this stage

2. Add further details to your deal, including project overview and relevant documents (e.g., cash-flow, appraisal)

3. Submit for funding to get live finance offers. Based on your deal details our algorithm identifies the top lenders to provide finance and notifies them. You can easily exclude lenders you do not want to access the deal.

4. Recieve offers to finance your deal from lenders. Note lenders will initially quote on an anonymised basis.

5. Progress to Heads of Terms with your preferred offer. Some lenders require a commitment fee to get credit approved terms

6. Accept Heads of Terms and proceed to loan completion. You’ll need to appoint a lawyer and arrange a valuation.


We take confidentiality very seriously and any information you provide is held with the strictest confidentiality and is protected (our Data Protection Register number is ZA212395).

If an application is made, we will need to provide required information to lenders. The lenders are bound by data protection regulations and will not share this information unless you agree for them to do so or they are required by law to do so.