Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the questions we get asked the most about using Native Finance. If you can't find the answer to your query, ask your own

We have a team of people working in house to make sure that our lender data is accurate and up to date for our customers. The data for our top 100 lenders is updated on a monthly basis and we update the rest of our lender data on a quarterly basis.

Your deal data is stored securely on our platform. Our platform is SSL and TLS certified, which are globally recognised as the premier security technologies for keeping your online transactions secure. We use Google cloud, which uses several layers of encryption to protect your data. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your deal data and you retain full control over which lenders can access your deal information. For confidential deals you can choose not to disclose the location or borrower details.

You normally need to provide a high level of information so that we can match you with the right lenders. However, if a deal is confidential you can choose not to disclose location or borrower details.

Once you have completed your deal, you will be directed to the Lenders Tab with a list of suggested lenders for your deal. You can then view their information and decide whether you want to send your deal to one of the suggested lenders or a lender of your choice. You are not obliged to match deals from the platform; however, if you do decide to send your deal to one of our lenders, we will review your deal and notify the lenders. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours, we will send a follow up email and then call the lenders directly. We understand that relationships are at the heart of the real estate industry, and so we also encourage you to have direct contact with lenders.

Native Finance is a subscription based company. We do not charge a procuration fee or commission and we never will! With no hidden fees, we’ve designed our platform to be cost effective for your business while helping you to secure more deals for your clients.

We collate a mixture of public data sources and our own proprietary datasets to give our customers access to the most relevant and accurate data available in the real estate industry.

We use a number of real time data feeds from a variety of data sources. This provides you with the most up to date intelligence in the lending market. As all of our data is updated in real time, the only delays come from the registration of land loan charges, and are not delays within our own system.

We have taken great care to ensure our data platform is compliant with the relevant data protection legislation in the UK. We do not process or publish any data related to individual company directors or individual company shareholders. All data within our Track product relates to companies or public authorities. The UK's Information Commissioner's Office does not consider company or public authority data to be personal data. By taking these steps we can display the rich loan data and corporate structures of the companies whilst remaining compliant with the privacy legislation in the UK and Europe.

Our data covers the property finance market within Great Britain. We do not currently track the real estate market in Northern Ireland.